Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Queens Wharf Festival.

The Queens Wharf Festival
Today we are going to the Queens Wharf Festival.It is was the opening the big red gates that nobody was allowed in.They were opening for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. There were going to be games,boat rides,and face painting.There was also going to be lots of food and drink stands too.We all got changed and headed to the train station,unfortunately my dad and sister had to catch a taxi back to my house to get the car because me and my other sister were sick.We took a long drive to Queens Wharf and parked in a parking lot.We walked across 2 roads until we were there.Me and my sister took a photo and went into the gates. Rugger was taking photos with 2 little kids,so we walked up to him and took a photo as well.He gave us a orange band that said"Get into it!Auckland2011.com"I got another one that was black when i played a game where you had to throw a rugby ball into a whole.I got it in on the first round but not on the second.My dad had a go as well but he didn't get it in the second time.I Took a photo with my head on a metal magnet where you can choose which team you wanted to be in,i chose NZ.We walked around and looked in this huge shed but, i forgot what was in it.Me and my auntie took a photo in front of a car.We were just about to head back to the car but before we could i went to a tent that had more bands.i took an orange one.
Time to go.We headed out and to the car.I had a fun day. I cant wait till this happens again.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


"When are we going to make the brownies?"I asked my Auntie. "Soon" she replied.
It was a cold and windy day and we were going to make brownies just for fun. Soon came and we started. First I measured and put 1 and a 1/2 cups of sugar in a bowl while my auntie cut up the chocolate.Next one cup of cocoa into the bowl and stir, then added the melted butter. I stirred it all together.Now we added 3 eggs,one at a time. Then stirred it together, until it got too hard so i had to give it to my auntie to do. Once it looked like paste,we added 1/2 a cup of flour. It looked like the North Pole. My auntie stirred and I added the chocolate. She told me to hold the sides to make the middle curve and it worked. It went in slowly."Time to grease the bottom and sides with butter"said my auntie. We used the paper that held the butter we used earlier. I scooped it into the tray,evened it out and put it into the oven.Me and my sister licked the spoons that we used.It tasted yummy!!!!It was finished and it was cooling on the windowsill with a tea towel over it.She cut them into 20 pieces and put them in 2 small containers.After dinner we ate them with ice cream."Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!"everyone yelled.
it was a fun day cant wait until we do it again.

Monday, April 12, 2010



I couldn't believe my dad when he asked me and my cousin Yulyvere if we wanted to go to a play called Cinderella. Instantly said 'yessss!' because my cousin and i wanted to get out of the house, it was so boring with the boys playing the PlayStation. My cousin got her clothes and we left.

On Saturday I woke up at half past 8 in the morning. I went downstairs to have breakfast but my mum said there's not enough time to. We had just enough time to get breakfast at M'cDonald's. We all had the same thing, sausage mcmuffin, hash brown and a hot chocolate.
"Mmmmm"is what we all said when we drank our hot chocolates.

We arrived to the street that the Logan Campbell Theater was on, A TRAFFIC JAM!!!!!!!!!''Oh no''yelled my dad,it was bad. Until we moved up to the entrance. It was packed, the only parking was where the race course was SO we parked there. It wasn't such a bad walk. We walked up to the the top block of the Logan Campbell Theatre. We sat in aisle 7,seats 112,113,114,115 and 116.

The lights dimmed and my baby sister Cree started to cry so my mum took her out for some treats to calm her down, it didn't work she still cried so mum ended up outside with her most of the time.

The first part was about how cruel the step mother was treating Cinderella, including her step sisters. The step sisters were men with beards dressed as the wicked step sisters, they were really funny. The next part is when the Fairy Godmother comes and sees Cinderella. She told her that she could go to the ball. She waved her magic wand, putting a beautiful blue dress on Cinderella, then she asked Cinderella to get 6 blind mice, a pumpkin and a lizard. She waved her magic wand and changed the 6 blind mice into 6 white horses, well they weren't real horses just horses made out of cardboard. She changed the pumpkin into a carriage and turned the lizard into a man to drive the carriage. The fairy God Mother told Cinderella to come back by midnight or else she will turn back into her normal self. Including the horses, carriage and man. This is when the show took a 20minute break. So my sisters, my cousin and i, shared a pack of lollies, chocolate and chips and walked around till the show started up again.

The second part was when she goes to the ball, has her dance with the Prince, loses her slipper and when the Prince asked her and her sisters to try on the slipper. Cinderella was the one who fit it! her stepsisters were very upset. Cinderella married the Prince and her bridesmaids were her stepsisters.

When the show was finally over,we came home. My mum decided that she was going to make BIG MAC burgers, YES BIG MAC BURGERS! So she did and we headed off to Cornwall Park. We found a good spot under a towering tree. Mum laid the mat out on the grass and dad put the food on it. I said the prayer and we dug in. I had 1 burger but my dad had 2, and it really tasted like a BIG MAC! My mum is a genius. My cousin and I jumped on our scooters. We went to the tunnel, road down the stairs and onto the foot path. We did that for a little while, then it packed up full of people so we left.

My sisters wanted to go to another park, mum and dad said at the same time''O.K''. This park was called Little Rangitoto park. We arrived there and there was heaps of kids on the flying fox. A lot more kids on the playground. I sprinted to the flying fox and stayed there until we left. The end of the day neared and I was getting tiered. It was time to leave.
I loved that awesome day I cant wait till next time.
Ambury Farm

''What are we doing today mum?"I said.''We are going to Ambury Farm,the place where Khaia went to on her school trip '' she replied.
"We are going to show some animals to Cree". I was excited for myself and my baby sister.

It was a beautiful Saturday so we were all excited to go see some farm animals. We had our breakfast and headed out around lunchtime.

When we got there, there were a few people having birthday parties and barbeque's. Cree was excited and couldn't wait to get out of the car.

First animal we saw were rabbits, they had a hot cross bun in their water bowl. I think because it was Easter weekend and the rabbits wanted to celebrate with a hot cross bun. Cree wanted to climb on the rabbits house, mum said no because that's where the rabbits sleep and we don't want them broken.

Next up we walked through where the cows go for milking but there were no milking this season so the cows were back in the paddock. We came across Charlotte the pig and her piglets. They were walking around the trees. Then Charlotte walked up to us. She was so big. There was a piece of paper stuck to the gate. It said''Please do not feed animals or they will get too fat.''

We went to the two goats named Skippy but I cant remember the other ones name. My mum told us not to pat them on the head only their backs because they had sharp horns. Cree was too busy hanging on the gate. There was another goat called Slippy. He was just sitting on the grass minding his own business. He was boring so we moved on to Timmy the Turkey. It said that if his head is red he's scared and if his head is blue he is fine. Cree moved on because she was scared. She went to Bella the horse. There was a big ramp to reach her. She came to me and i patted her on her mane. Time to go to the chickens. I opened the gate and went to the first chicken coop. It had 3 chicks and their mother in there. I saw two eggs in the chicken coop. "Time to leave" dad said.

We went to Henderson Shopping Mall for lunch. My sisters and I had Mcdonalds and mum and dad had butter chicken. We walked around the shopping mall till it was time to leave.

Dad drove us to my nana's in Grey lynn for a visit. We stayed for awhile and had dinner then we came home. What a great day that was. I hope my little sister had fun.