Friday, November 25, 2011

Helping Miss Ouano

Since I smashed my face against the tree, I wasn't able to participate in the activities. BUMMER! Miss Ouano was needing help so I went with her. We went down to the bottom field to help Mr Barks with javelin because it said that Miss Ouano was on javelin. It turns out that we were supposed to be doing the junior javelin and softball throw. It was really fun working with the little kids and Miss Ouano.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

ACT Party.

This is my very own billboard for the election. Me and my partner Vivienne have chosen to research the ACT party. We have done some questions that Mrs Tele'a have asked and made our very own billboard. 

I thought that labour would win the election because I think they had a better campain than national, but it looked like New Zealand was still attached to John Key and national. I still think that Labour should have won. It's ok because I think John Key will run the country well.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Superheroes Trailer.

The Green Lantern, Batman and the Wolverine are the names of the people in this little trailer. Did you know that the green lanterns weakness is the colour yellow? Or that batman was bitten by a bat? The only way wolverine can die is if you rip his head off.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


 Waking up feeling tired from the night before, mum said that there was going to be a barbeque for dinner. I was so excited because we havn't had a barbeque in a while. Then again, I didn't want to do the cleaning up afterwards.

 Sadly, I had to do the dishes while they went out to get some extra things.  I finished and herd the washing machine beeping. " Time to hang the washing!" I said sarcasticly. I don't like cleaning up.

 Time to start cooking!  I helped mum in the kitchen cooking the potatoe's, salad and preparing the meat.  I got annoyed with Cree, because she kept coming into the kitchen distracting and getting in the way of me and mum.  The first batch of meat went on to the grill.   It smelt so delicous!  " Are you nearly finished?" Mum yelled out to dad egar to eat.

" You happy now, the foods ready?"   The potatoe was on the table, with salad and tomatoe sauce.  YUMMY! I said the prayer, and we dug in. It smelt like garlic and mum realised that there was garlic bread in the oven.      Another wonderful addition to this meal.

I couldnt move after that yummy meal.  That was not a disapointing dinner. I was very satisfied.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Cream Comets.

I walked into the class room seeing that the ice cream,   sprinkles,  cones and plates were laid out on the table. " It's time to make the comets!"  Room 16 came into to sit with us on our mat. We started making our ice cream comets.

Do you know what comets are? Well they are balls made of ice, dust, rocks and gas that fly in outer space. They also have tails at the end of them made of fire. While they zoom through space,  the rocks on the comets come of and they form into meteorites.

If you were wondering how do you make these ice cream comets,  I will tell you.  First you put the ice cream onto a cone then, crush up some biscuits. Put the biscuits and sprinkles into a bowl, and mix it all up.  Sprinkle the mix onto your ice cream and your done.   As simple as that.

Miss Garden scooped the chocolate ice cream in my hands and I rushed outside to stop it from melting.  "My hands are freezing!"   I was wanting to get this cold treat out of my hands ASAP.   Everyone's ice creams were melting onto the ground!    When I put the biscuits on mine,  it crumbled through my fingers and some was even going down my arm.  My stomach was growling, forcing me to lick the delicious crumbles off my fingers.   It was messy,  but yummy.

 The comets were delicious and my impatient stomach was no more.   I ate the rest of the cone and  the icy cold comet was in my tummy. YUM!