Friday, May 31, 2013

Should Junk Food be Banned in School?

I think that junk food should be banned in schools.

It is really unhealthy to take junk food to school because it can drain your energy and lead you to obesity. Also, not  having junk food at school can improve your health and concentration.

Obesity is a growing disease that affects young people as well as old. I think letting kids have junk food in school is actually supporting the cause of obesity. If there is no junk food in schools now, the kids won’t be overweight or obese when they are older.

Kids need energy when learning at school. Junk food drains energy and can make kids lazy and not excited about school and learning. I think that schools need to enforce more rules on banning junk food in schools to prevent the loss of energy.

Poverty levels are high and some parents are just giving money to kids and they buy their own lunch. The dairies offer cheap chips and drinks to kids which is what they buy most of the time. They should start to at least sell fruit or something so that the kids can have something healthy to eat.

In conclusion, junk food is bad to have in school and we should consider banning it in all schools. That's why I agree with that statement.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Obesity Report

By 2020, one third of us will be obese. However, many Americans are already there. Many people have bad diets and there are too many fatty food places and restaurants like the Heart Attack Grill. Compulsive over-eating and food addiction are what effects lots of people in America, particularly a place called Evansville, Indiana.                             

Obesity is a disease that affects many people who are very fat or overweight.  

Obesity causes major health problems like being short of breath, knee pains, pneumonia, heart disease and heart attacks. Just some of the many things being obese can do. The lack of mobility and quality of health can both be hard and embarrassing when out in public. Proper diets and exercise can help prevent obesity.

In America, there are coffins that can fit up to 3 normal sized people in them! They are special caskets designed for extremely overweight, obese people. The sad thing is that people as young as 11 years old have had to use the coffins.

1 in 5 children in New Zealand are overweight. 1 in 12 are obese in the whole of New Zealand. We can reduce this statistic if we are committed to encouraging children to exercise and eat less junk food.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's really in Our Eggs?

New Zealanders eat two and a half million eggs per day which adds up to 920 million each year.

Most eggs (89%) are laid in caged farms. Chickens are kept in tight,  cramped cages that can hold up to 6 hens. The hens don’t exercise and aren't able to do what everyday hens do. In the cages they are held in, there is a little electric wire at the front of the cage that prevents the hens from getting to the eggs when they are laid. The cages are on an angle, so that the eggs can roll onto the conveyer belt. Hens have to grip the cage so they don’t slide to the front and get shocked.

9% of eggs are free range or organic. The hens are able to live in big open spaces allowing them to have their daily exercise to keep them healthy. They have access to grass as well as chicken feed. The hens are kept on fields surrounded by gates to keep them from running away. When they lay their eggs, it is picked and packed by human hand.

Barn raised hens have the space to perch, dust bath and nest. The hens aren't able to run around though as they are all packed into the barn. They are the least common bought eggs at 2%.

Colour agents are put in the chicken feed to brighten the eggs yolk. New Zealand yolk is naturally darker in colour. However, it doesn't have an impact on its nutritional value.

Free range eggs are better to eat but it is very expensive. Caged eggs are cheaper but how they are raised are horrible. The environment that free range farms have is a more better living space.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fia Fia 2013

Fiafia went down on the 18th of March, the last day of school. The event started of with food stalls at 4:30pm and then all of the performers going to their changing rooms at 6:00pm. And to make it even more exciting, the stage was outside on the field!

The Niuean group were held in room 13. I got changed into my costume and anxiously waited. Huelo-Ata, Ashleigh and I wanted to go on stage so badly and get it over and done with.

My group was sandwiched in between two other fiafia groups on the soft carpet that was laid on the concrete for us. It was chilly because we sat outside, on the hard-courts. There were eight groups before us and I just couldn't sit still.

First up was the Kapa Haka group and they were awesome! There were more groups after them including the Tongan boys and Girls. They were pretty cool as well.

The Uni-cyclists were up and it was time for us to line up. I was bouncing around, trying to get rid of the nerves. Their performance was done and they cleared the stage. The MC’s, Gabriel and Vivienne walked on-stage. 
“Introducing the fierce Niuean group!”

I walked on stage and was greeted by the lights. I got ready and the senior boys came through the crowd. The crowd was cheering as they walked threw, spears in their hands. Then the rest of the performance went went by really fast. They stood at the front of the stage and yelled “ the people are coming, the people are coming!” in Niuean. The girls responded with “ “Tell them to come tell them to come!” we repeated it twice and Miss Lavakula hit the drum. The intermediate boys came onstage and Kingston did his Niuean speech. Then came the Niuean dance the Hopo and we sang a song called ‘Ka Fisi Niue’ When we did the Niuean haka called the Takalo, our mission was to break the stage. Sadly, our goal was not achieved but we still had a great time.

My BORING Holiday

The Holidays. Something that I had been waiting for when I started term 1. Now, I actually want to go back to school! I haven't really been anywhere during our school break so it has been really boring sitting around at home.

During the first week of the holidays, I had gone to school to take my sister to her netball training, played on our PS3 and my family and I have used our new Vulcan EBF- 25 nerf gun to shoot down plastic cups.  It was AWESOME! But that was about the only fun things that we did. Other than that I just sat at home doing nothing.

I am really looking forward to school next week because I can't wait to see all of my friends and teachers. Also i really want to know what this terms theme is.