Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Haka

This is an animation on the story of how the Haka came about. We have been assigned different parts of the story. I am doing an animation on when Te Rauparaha witnessed his father being killed and eaten by his enemy tribe.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country, and a must-do for any travel holiday. Our idyllic islands have stunning coastlines surrounding the islands. Down in the South island, there are vast mountain chains that you hike on.


Badminton. I had done it last week and had learnt heaps. I wondered if it was going to be fun or, just like last week with the coach growling us for not listening. Then I remembered that we had a new coach. Donna. The coach that room 17 had last went to a competition somewhere else. My legs felt sore after the long assembly, but I also felt excited to see what we were learning today.

First up on the agenda, learning the different techniques for badminton, the forehand, backhand and grip. “ Put your thumb in the middle of the racket and hold firmly. There you are holding what we call forehand. Turn it around and there’s your back hand.” Donna instructed us. She said in badminton you can only serve with a backhand. She let us go and we had to try and serve the shuttle. I had found it very difficult to serve because I wasn’t used to doing it. “ STOP!” Donna exclaimed. We all sat down to see what our next activity was.

“ Grab a partner because we are going to play some games. Shuttle Soccer is the first one. The object of the game is to try and hit the shuttle into your partners goal” While Donna was demonstrating, I looked at Vivienne strait away and asked to be her partner. I put back my shuttle and went to Vivienne. My serve. I hit the shuttle as hard as I could but no luck. The shuttle went strait to the ground. “No worries I’ll just do it again” I said to my self. Giving it a go again, SUCCESS! The shuttle went over to Vivienne.

“STOP!” Donna gave a big howl which made me jump. “ Now we are going to play a real game of Badminton. Half of you line up on that side and half on the other side” The first two pairs went up and played until one of them got out, which wasn’t long. As they hit the shuttle, I could hear their rackets making a whirring sound. My turn. The opposite team served. I hit the shuttle and they hit it back. I missed! They scored a point and I was out. This game went on forever until... “STOP!”

“I am sorry but we have run out of time!” Donna said with a sad face. “ Laurene with be back next week so you’ll have lots of fun” We thanked her and went to have lunch. I wonder what will happen next week at Badminton?

Plight of the Sea Turtle

This presentation are facts about the 7 species of turtles, Kemp Ridley, Olive Ridley, Green Sea Turtle, Leatherback,Loggerhead, Flatback and the Hawksbill.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rugby World Cup Quiz

This presentation is questions about the Rugby World Cup.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Irish Webpage

This is a presentation about the Irish Rugby team IRFU.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball.

I believe we can win the rugby world cup. If we come up with a good strategy we can do it. It doesn't matter if the crowd is putting you down of cheering, you need to keep your heads up and go hard. The opposition is going to be tough so we have to do our best. Keep Your Eye On The Ball.