Friday, December 30, 2011

My Very Best Friends!

These wonderful girls are my friends. Some of them are leaving next year. I will miss you guys!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Net Book Reflection

If you take my net book away from me, I would be mad. Why would you take them away from us? They help us learn better and it is way cooler than having to rotate on the imacs just to post something on our blog.

In the old days (last year), we had to write in our book, go on to the macs and then copy our writing onto a google doc and then, put it on our blogs. That was a handful. I don't want to struggle with that again.

My net book has improved my learning. I now know things that I never knew before. It is also a good tool because we can share more writing to the world, learn more at home and we get to use them where ever,  when ever.

I just want to tell you about some improvements that could make our net books even better than they are now. Maybe we could make a more advanced version of tux paint because it is like kid pix on the imacs. Also the Internet connection could get a little stronger because sometimes it cuts out and we have to wait a long time for it to get back up and running.

Having a netbook is a big advantage for our learning and it is way better than writing in a book.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Saturn Hear I Come!!

The world is in a drout and we have to leave to anther planet. Saturn is our destination. I need to solve the problem on Saturn. I hope you enjoy my movie!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Helping Miss Ouano

Since I smashed my face against the tree, I wasn't able to participate in the activities. BUMMER! Miss Ouano was needing help so I went with her. We went down to the bottom field to help Mr Barks with javelin because it said that Miss Ouano was on javelin. It turns out that we were supposed to be doing the junior javelin and softball throw. It was really fun working with the little kids and Miss Ouano.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

ACT Party.

This is my very own billboard for the election. Me and my partner Vivienne have chosen to research the ACT party. We have done some questions that Mrs Tele'a have asked and made our very own billboard. 

I thought that labour would win the election because I think they had a better campain than national, but it looked like New Zealand was still attached to John Key and national. I still think that Labour should have won. It's ok because I think John Key will run the country well.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Superheroes Trailer.

The Green Lantern, Batman and the Wolverine are the names of the people in this little trailer. Did you know that the green lanterns weakness is the colour yellow? Or that batman was bitten by a bat? The only way wolverine can die is if you rip his head off.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


 Waking up feeling tired from the night before, mum said that there was going to be a barbeque for dinner. I was so excited because we havn't had a barbeque in a while. Then again, I didn't want to do the cleaning up afterwards.

 Sadly, I had to do the dishes while they went out to get some extra things.  I finished and herd the washing machine beeping. " Time to hang the washing!" I said sarcasticly. I don't like cleaning up.

 Time to start cooking!  I helped mum in the kitchen cooking the potatoe's, salad and preparing the meat.  I got annoyed with Cree, because she kept coming into the kitchen distracting and getting in the way of me and mum.  The first batch of meat went on to the grill.   It smelt so delicous!  " Are you nearly finished?" Mum yelled out to dad egar to eat.

" You happy now, the foods ready?"   The potatoe was on the table, with salad and tomatoe sauce.  YUMMY! I said the prayer, and we dug in. It smelt like garlic and mum realised that there was garlic bread in the oven.      Another wonderful addition to this meal.

I couldnt move after that yummy meal.  That was not a disapointing dinner. I was very satisfied.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Cream Comets.

I walked into the class room seeing that the ice cream,   sprinkles,  cones and plates were laid out on the table. " It's time to make the comets!"  Room 16 came into to sit with us on our mat. We started making our ice cream comets.

Do you know what comets are? Well they are balls made of ice, dust, rocks and gas that fly in outer space. They also have tails at the end of them made of fire. While they zoom through space,  the rocks on the comets come of and they form into meteorites.

If you were wondering how do you make these ice cream comets,  I will tell you.  First you put the ice cream onto a cone then, crush up some biscuits. Put the biscuits and sprinkles into a bowl, and mix it all up.  Sprinkle the mix onto your ice cream and your done.   As simple as that.

Miss Garden scooped the chocolate ice cream in my hands and I rushed outside to stop it from melting.  "My hands are freezing!"   I was wanting to get this cold treat out of my hands ASAP.   Everyone's ice creams were melting onto the ground!    When I put the biscuits on mine,  it crumbled through my fingers and some was even going down my arm.  My stomach was growling, forcing me to lick the delicious crumbles off my fingers.   It was messy,  but yummy.

 The comets were delicious and my impatient stomach was no more.   I ate the rest of the cone and  the icy cold comet was in my tummy. YUM!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

An Awesome End of the Holiday.

I had just got a new top and tights ready to go to a party. It was my aunties birthday, and we were celebrating at Valentines.

We had arrived shadowing my aunties car. I slept the whole way to Valentines but was woken up by my sister, who was eager to get out of the car. Me and my sister could smell the delicious food from inside.

Once we were all seated, someone got up to sing happy birthday to our aunty. Then we had a few speeches, and a prayer for the food. It was time to eat. We went table by table to avoid a long Que. There was a variety of food and they all smelt wonderful.

We let the food rest in our stomachs and then had desert. I got a bowl full of rich caramel slices and tasty ice cream, with moose. In my opinion this was THE BEST DESERT EVER! Dad got a little bit jealous, and tried to steal it.

I went home bloated, and sunk on to the couch. I was happy that we went and I want to go to Valentine's again soon.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Space Quiz Question.

Name 5 moons that orbit Neptune.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bye Bye Wales!

I have been watching the Wales verse France in the semi finals. France won 9-8. Wales was so close to winning and being the only team to score a try, which was an easy one! I hoped that Wales would win because the All Blacks already played France. Any way good game Wales and watch your back France the AB'S are going to beat you!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It is Boring!

So far this holidays has been nothing but cleaning and sleeping. I just have to wait until next week because we are going to the movies with my aunty Jaky.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

RWC Countries

I have been given two countries to research on. Miss Garden gave me the country Japan and I chose Italy as my second.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This is a presentation about an extinct bird called the Bittern. It has been our task for the kiwi's reading group.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rugby World Cup Poster

This is my Rugby World Cup poster. Miss Muliaumasealii our art teacher, told us that we can get a pattern off the Internet and draw it. This is the air New Zealand logo with leaves around it with the symbol on the Rugby World Cup ball.

Trip to the Mall

I woke up felling very, very tired. We were going to look for a toaster because our one was very old and couldn't work very well. First stop was farmers.

Mum thought that farmers was a great place to find a toaster, because of their wide selection. There was a huge range, although it wasn’t enough to satisfy my mum. So, it was off to The Warehouse.

“Please mum can we get a rugby ball!?” My mum hesitated, but she gave in. My sister wanted to get an All Blacks ball, but it was too expensive. We decided to get a ball that said New Zealand on it.

Dad was getting hungry, and so were we. It was time to get some food in our stomachs. First Dad went and got my sisters food, then I went to get mine. Oporto’s was my choice of food place.

Overall I had a wonderful day and I can’t wait to see what we are doing next week.

Monday, October 3, 2011

How the Haka Was Invented

This is the full movie of how the Haka was invented.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Duffy Books.

Every year we get new books to take home and read over the holiday's. The book I have received is called The Girl who survived which is a true story. It is written by Bronia Brandman and Carol Bierman.

This story takes you back to World War 2. A girl named Bronia is eleven and is risking her life smuggling goods and trading it for food to feed her family. This soon stopped as to she got deported to Auschwitz 2- Birkenau concentration camp. Thanks to Bucklands Beach Lions club for giving us the books. THANK YOU!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Polar Bears

The largest bear in the world is the Polar Bear. Polar bears can live in the Arctic Ocean, on the ice and on the shore.

Polar Bears have a thick coat of hairs to help keep warm. They walk on their strong legs, with the sharp claws on it’s paws helping to grip on the ice. What also helps to grip is the bumps on the bottom of their paws.

Polar bears live alone, unless they are cubs. The mother teaches it how to hunt for food, and protects it from danger. Cubs live with their mothers for about two and a half years.

Seals are Polar Bears main food. They wait for the seal to come out of their breathing hole, and when they do the Polar bear uses their huge paws and sharp claws to flip it over.

If a Polar bear is in the wild it can live for up to twenty years. A Polar Bear that lived in a zoo lived for forty one years.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The All Blacks vs Japan Prediction.

GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!! The All Blacks and Japan face of against each other on the 16 of September at 8:00 at night. In Hamilton at the Waikato Stadium. I predict the score is going to be 32-10 and the All Blacks are going to win. GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!:)

Friday, September 9, 2011


If you went into downtown Auckland, you could probably hear people yelling GO ALL BLACKS or GO TONGA!!!!!!!!!!!! We arrived at the queens warf and a swarm of people were crowded around the big screens showing the inside of the cloud. " We're nearly there!!" I said to my mum. Every where you looked you could see black, red and white. It would take a while until the fireworks would go off and then the All Blacks vs Tonga game would start but I was still excited.

We walked around and waited in sub way for our dinner until finally we got back to our spot and the intro started for the Rugby World Cup. It looked so cool and I wished that I was there. I was watching until I saw fireworks coming off the balcony of an apartment. BOOM!!!!! The fireworks had started, filling up the sky with colourful lights and smoke. It was truly spectacular. I took noticed that these stupid men were hopping onto the roof of a shop. One of the men was dancing until he fell through one of the vents. The opening was over and we went back home, only to find out that the All Blacks won 41-10. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Rugby World Cup begins with Tonga vs All Blacks

Tonga vs the All Blacks game is going to be awesome! The Rugby World Cup is starting on Friday the 9th. There is going to be fireworks, dancing and the first game is what everyone has been waiting for. The game with kick of with the All Blacks doing their famous haka and the Tongan team doing their chant. I think this game will be a very close but hard game. The score will be 22-10, with the All Blacks winning. It's in Auckland at Eden Park and not in Invercargill. GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Historical File- Glasses

I have been reading a story set in the future called Space Nuts Light Speed by Simon Cooke. Just like in this story, I have written a historical file about an object we use on earth, that someone could read about in the future.

The glasses first wearable glasses were invented by Salvino D'Armate around the time of 1284 but in Egypt they had found hieroglyphics of people were holding glass in front of their eyes to get the correct vision. Salvino D'Armate got this dream after wondering if he could build a machine that could help people see. So then the scissor glasses were made. Now the glasses have been improved.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Haka

This is an animation on the story of how the Haka came about. We have been assigned different parts of the story. I am doing an animation on when Te Rauparaha witnessed his father being killed and eaten by his enemy tribe.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country, and a must-do for any travel holiday. Our idyllic islands have stunning coastlines surrounding the islands. Down in the South island, there are vast mountain chains that you hike on.


Badminton. I had done it last week and had learnt heaps. I wondered if it was going to be fun or, just like last week with the coach growling us for not listening. Then I remembered that we had a new coach. Donna. The coach that room 17 had last went to a competition somewhere else. My legs felt sore after the long assembly, but I also felt excited to see what we were learning today.

First up on the agenda, learning the different techniques for badminton, the forehand, backhand and grip. “ Put your thumb in the middle of the racket and hold firmly. There you are holding what we call forehand. Turn it around and there’s your back hand.” Donna instructed us. She said in badminton you can only serve with a backhand. She let us go and we had to try and serve the shuttle. I had found it very difficult to serve because I wasn’t used to doing it. “ STOP!” Donna exclaimed. We all sat down to see what our next activity was.

“ Grab a partner because we are going to play some games. Shuttle Soccer is the first one. The object of the game is to try and hit the shuttle into your partners goal” While Donna was demonstrating, I looked at Vivienne strait away and asked to be her partner. I put back my shuttle and went to Vivienne. My serve. I hit the shuttle as hard as I could but no luck. The shuttle went strait to the ground. “No worries I’ll just do it again” I said to my self. Giving it a go again, SUCCESS! The shuttle went over to Vivienne.

“STOP!” Donna gave a big howl which made me jump. “ Now we are going to play a real game of Badminton. Half of you line up on that side and half on the other side” The first two pairs went up and played until one of them got out, which wasn’t long. As they hit the shuttle, I could hear their rackets making a whirring sound. My turn. The opposite team served. I hit the shuttle and they hit it back. I missed! They scored a point and I was out. This game went on forever until... “STOP!”

“I am sorry but we have run out of time!” Donna said with a sad face. “ Laurene with be back next week so you’ll have lots of fun” We thanked her and went to have lunch. I wonder what will happen next week at Badminton?

Plight of the Sea Turtle

This presentation are facts about the 7 species of turtles, Kemp Ridley, Olive Ridley, Green Sea Turtle, Leatherback,Loggerhead, Flatback and the Hawksbill.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rugby World Cup Quiz

This presentation is questions about the Rugby World Cup.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Irish Webpage

This is a presentation about the Irish Rugby team IRFU.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball.

I believe we can win the rugby world cup. If we come up with a good strategy we can do it. It doesn't matter if the crowd is putting you down of cheering, you need to keep your heads up and go hard. The opposition is going to be tough so we have to do our best. Keep Your Eye On The Ball.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

White Sunday

" Go and have breakfast, then have a shower!" Mum shouted. Today we were going to say our verses at the Atiu hall. Our nana gave Khaia and I verses out of the bible and we had to say it in front of a lot of people. We said our verses because it was White Sunday. Me and Khaia got changed and waited until mum and dad were ready.

We set off onto the road and traveled to the Atiu Hall. The hall is in Mangere. It was a long time until we got there. Once we had, we waited for everyone else to come. I read my book, EJ12 Jump Start and mum took some photos of Cree. Dad fell asleep. While he was sleeping he developed a sore stomach so we went back home.

Back at the hall and it was nearly time to go on and Aunty Jaky and Feura were sitting inside with Riyah. Feura rang mum's phone and told her to come inside and wait until it was our turn. After a while it was show time!

Khaia and I went to the entrance and got into our spots. Aunty Kura said I had to take my grey cardigan off and wear the dress and tights only. The music to go in started to play and the people n front of me were walking to the stage. I settled in my spot and suddenly I heard my name. Oshania was standing at the back of the stage.

Everyone in front said their verse and then it was the people in my lines turn. Numbers 1 to 3
said their verses. It was Khaia's turn. She said hers and everyone clapped for her. My turn. Number five. I grabbed the microphone out of Khaia's hand and stepped to the front. Anxiously I said my verse looking out to the crowd. " Over at last!" I sighed with relief. the other people went and then the older people sang their song. Off the stage and into my mums arm. I gave her a big hug and Jaky gave two lolly lays. YUMMY! She said that her and Aunty Leonie made them.

The other people that were doing verses and then it was time to eat. There was lasagne, crab meat salad, Chinese food, curry and a whole lot more. The man prayed and I dug in. I got crab meat salad, Chinese food, fried chicken and chips, pizza, lasagne and ham. It tasted delicious.
It was desert and I had vanilla ice cream. It was nice! Then we had a walk around. I went to the back of the hall and waited till baby Hyrum was dry because he had spilled juice on himself. We took him home and went to get some grapes. " Great speeches girl, i'm very proud!" Mum said.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

This presentation is about persuading Mr Burt, Mr Jacobsen and Mrs Jarmen to help us redesign our courtyard.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Weekend.

We were supposed to be at the laundromat drying our washing but instead we went to a perfume sale at the ASB showgrounds. It was packed and lots of people were coming out of the sale with bags full of perfume. Mum went inside to have a look at all the different perfumes while I stayed in the car with dad and Khaia. In a catalogue she got in the mail for the sale, there were a lot of perfumes that celebrities designed. Katy Perry, Beyonce and Usher perfumes were a few to name. Twenty minutes later I see Mum walking back to us waiting in the car. She decided to buy my Dad Usher’s cologne as she has to many already. When we drove out of the ASB showgrounds we saw my Aunty Leonie and Jaky and Uncle Kalo driving in.

Next we went to my Nana’s house to meet my Uncle Peter. He was going to take Khaia out for her belated birthday. Uncle Peter rang my Mum’s mobile phone to say that he didn’t have a key to the house. So we ended up going to my Nana’s work and getting a key for the house.

Driving up Kawiti ave, we saw Uncle Peter with Uncle Tom walking up to the house. Khaia jumped out and we handed the key to Uncle Peter and drove to Harvey Norman.

Before we had left the house, Mum had rang up Harvey Norman in Mt Wellington to ask if they had a Samsung Galaxy s2 phone available. The man said yes. We walked through the shop and went to the area where the phones were. Dad saw the phone and bought it strait away. The lady started explaining something about the warranty, me and Cree went to the computers and played on photo booth. Cree had done lots of funny faces.

“ Anybody hungry?” Dad asked as we drove out of Harvey Norman. At Burger King, we meet up with Aunty Leonie and Jaky and Uncle Kalo along with baby Hyrum. inside Burger King had changed. It was no longer the 80’s theme, it was black with the Burger King slogan on the wall. I helped Dad carry the food out to Mum and Cree and got the drinks for us. On one one table was me, Aunty Leonie and Aunty Jaky with Kalo and on the other was Baby Hyrum, Cree, Mum and Dad. Silently we munched on our food until it was all gone.

The warehouse was near so
we went to check it out. We walked around and Mum found these cool tights for me. Dad had went to the gaming area to see how much the PlayStation Three. It was too expensive. I went with aunty Leonie and we found some DVDs that cost 10 each. Jaky got Ice Age for Hyrum. Mum bought the tights and a bag of washing powder.

After we had a rest, we went to the Night Market in Pakuranga. It had lots of customers and a huge variety of food, along with lots of stalls selling things that you can buy at the 2 dollar shop. If you walked on the side where there was toys, you would be alright until you got to the food side. It feels like the walls are closing in on you. The group had split up into different directions.Jaky had seen a stall that sold yummy bubble tea. She got some for her and Leonie.Then we walked around to the main entrance and reconnected with the group. Mum had bought churros for us and some cake slices that looked yummy. Before we left Dad bought hot dogs. One was spicy and one was mild.

Aunty Leonie asked if I could go back to their house with them. So when I got there my cousin Vere walked through the door holding our dinner, Pizza. I didn’t have any as I was to full. We watched T.V and then went to bed.

The next day Vere asked me if I wanted to go to breakfast with her at the Auckland university. I said YES. The hall that we ate in was packed and a lot of people were talking. A full breakfast included Bacon and Eggs with baked beans and toast with sausages. It costs ten dollars. Waffles with cream and maple syrup cost five. Everyone got the full breakfast. Vere and her brother Johnson had waffles as well. The university did the breakfast because they were fundraising for the Request dance Crew to go to a world champion ship.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tail Of The Gecko.

The Kiwi reading group has been experimenting on wordle. We used words from a book called Tail Of The Gecko.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Attacked animation.

This is my animation that is going to be in my podcast on a book called Attacked written by G. Brassi. It will be on the KPE blog soon.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This poster is explaining how to do Compensation. Miss Garden has taught the Stars and Hexagon maths groups how to do it.

Giving It a Shot

Recently we read a book called Giving it a Shot. This is a story web on what the book is about.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Movie Review On Partly Cloudy.

This is my movie review on a movie called Partly Cloudy. It is about a grey cloud and a stork. They are in the sky making things out of themselves. All the other clouds are white and making babies to deliver to the humans on the ground. The grey cloud is sad because he cant make anything nice and pleasant. Stork delivers the thing he makes to different places. He goes to one of the white clouds and the grey cloud gets sadder, but the stork came back with gear to help him not get hurt from the things that grey cloud makes. Over all I give a 10 out of 10 because I think that it was funny and I liked how they made things.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extreme make-over Courtyard Edition.

Room 17 is redesigning our courtyard. The following paragraphs are about what me and Brooklyn's idea are.

Me and Brooklyn chose to put a basketball hoop in our courtyard because we think it will a be really fun. We also chose a basketball hoop because the courtyard is very boring and so more people can hang and play basketball. The price for the basketball hoop is $45 and the website to get it from is Sports

I also got a backboard because if we bought it separate we could bolt it together. We could get the bolts from where my dad works at, EDL Fasteners. It costs $248 which is pretty expensive. Sports is where got it from.

There is a website called because that is where you could drinking fountains. Our courtyard needs a new drinking fountain because the the one we have now is too small. It doesn't say the cost but I got lots of photos of the taps we want.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fatu Feu'u Flax Prints.

Our class have been researching on a Samoan artist named Fatu Feu’u. We have also drown pictures of his. Then we are going to print it onto a Kite. First we draw, then laminate it. After that we cut it out then roll it onto the kite. The kite is going to go on the walls around the school. The flower is representing the female. I liked the pattern and the spider web affect in the background. I also chose it because I am a girl and GIRLS RULE!I chose the other two designs from a motifs paper that Miss M gave us. I liked them because they were the only ones that stood out.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unique, Extinct, Isolated and Volcanic.

Our extension class have split into groups and created movies for the I am Making Movies 2 competition at the Auckland Museum. There are 3 categories, Unique, Extinct, Isolated and Volcanic, Bravery Heart-break Loss and Hope, My heritage, your heritage, our heritage. In my group was Chante, Vivienne, Brooklyn and Ashleigh T. We chose to do Unique, Extinct, Isolated and Volcanic because last year we had done a topic about Dinosaurs and have learnt lots about it. Two students have meet a crazy professor that is making a time machine. The professor goes out for coffee. The students use the time machine and get sucked in to the dinosaur times. Do you think that they will be able to travel back home?

Extinct, unique and volcanic from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

Our First Swimming Lesson.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Marble Slide Part 1

Miss Ouano had news papers on the side of her chair and I wondered what they were for. Then she said that we were going to make a slide that had to carry a marble from the table to the ground. I knew exactly what to make. The only hard part of it was that we had to make it in 10 minutes.

We had to make the slide out of 6 pieces of paper and 1 metre of tape. We worked out different strategies but only 1 seemed to stick. Rita’s strategy. You had to roll paper up and stick it into each one.

Ashleigh, Rita and I made a slide that was taped to the table, with a curve that went strait down to the ground. Our slide was made out of to rolled up pieces of paper. It didn’t take very long before we were finished. I tested the marble then... SUCCESS! The marble had gone through both tubes of paper.

Our group had done a great job. Sure, our one was wobbly at times but it a stayed to the ground. All the other groups hadn't finished yet so it was a big advantage. That made me even more proud of our work.

If I had a chance to change anything I wouldn't. Our tower was standing and when you look around the room most of the slides weren't finished. I thought our idea was really good.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Redesigning Our Net Book Bags

The task that Miss Ouano gave us really fun. We had to redesign our net book bags and drew it in our topic books. I put an Ipad, Touch screen TV and a MP3 player on it. My other decision was to put a hand made key and lock that was one of a kind. Nobody could copy the complexity of the key.

What I made bigger was the size if the net book bag. Then I added Ipad, Touch screen TV and a MP3 player onto it. I replaced the zips with a hand-made key that nobody could copy, I also put a security system that when you touch it, it goes on complete lock-down.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marble Slide Part 2

Planning:Our groups are doing the marble slide again. We are rolling up three pieces of news paper, and are making two right angle turns. The stand is also made of rolled pieces of paper.

What We Did:The plan didn’t go as well as we thought it would go. Our tubes of paper didn’t stick together and Ashleigh was making a gutter shape that wasn’t part of the plan. Rita and I were putting tubes together and sticking stuff in. I think our slide didn’t go as planned because we didn't follow the plan, we didn't use our new paper properly and we changed the plan.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Playing With Picasa

Our reading group have been learning how to use Picasa. You can put photos on to it and make it into a slide show. We have also learned how to put them on our blog.

Vote For The Best Introdution.

I wrote two paragraphs about my easter holidays. The only difference is the first one goes strait into action. The second paragraph tells you what I was thinking. Please leave a comment and say which paragraph you liked best.

“ GO!” Yelled my mum.My Sisters, cousins and I separated through out the house. I sprinted to the front of the house, grabbing all of the gold Easter eggs. Once I got all of the gold eggs, I ran to the side of the house and grabbed the other eggs. The Easter Egg Hunt had started.

Look at all of the prizes that you could get. What if I could find the most gold eggs in the easter egg hunt and got the biggest prize of them all, a GIANT BUNNY? To do that, I would have to find them, and beat the other kids to the easter eggs.