Thursday, March 31, 2011

Camp TC

Week 6 had finally arrived. I was packed with my togs and lunch in my day pack. It was the beginning of the year 5 and 6 camp and we were going to meet the year 7 and 8 at swimarama in Panmure.

We arrived at the pools and sat on the grass waiting for the first group to go into the hydro slide. We sat up patiently listening to Miss Garden walking around looking at other groups. " RESPONSTARS" she exclaimed. I ran To the slide and up the stairs only to be seeing the rest of the group already there. The line was moving slowly but the back of the line was growing. It was my turn next and I was anxiously waiting for the light to go green. I was off! The noise behind me fainted and the slide got darker and darker. I twisted around and around. The water was warmer than the water in the pool. Lying on my belly, I could see a faint light going down. SPLASH!!! I crashed into the splash pad. I went back up again only to be the other group in the hydro slide line.

On the school Fields tents were set up when we got back to school. We walked into the hall with our jandles squeaking All the camp leaders told us to sit up in our lines. A couple of groups went, then it was our turn. I pushed my cumbersome bag to the tent I was sleeping in. I looked at the tag looking worried. " Rita and Lola, Yes" I exclaimed. They came to the tent and Ms Squires put another name on the tag, Sorona. Me, Rita, Sorona and Lola had put our blankets only to find we couldn't fit. The same problem was happening in Ashleigh's tent. Oshania, Tauwhare and Doris put their blankets down and Ashleigh couldn't fit.

“Responstars get ready because we are going to the reserve for kayaking!” Ms Squires was walking around our tents checking if we were getting ready. We walked to the PT England reserve where Mr Burt, Mr Molloy, Miss Verry and Milly. Mr Burt took us through a few rules then went down to the beautiful beach. “ We go in, foot bum foot” Mr Burt informs us. A few more rules and the first lot of people went off to kayak. The only different thing about the kayaks that made me nervous was that they were different kayaks. They had more open seats. And there was a kayak that could hold two people.

I jumped in to the kayak and got pushed by Ashleigh. Left Right, Left! I shouted out to my self. I tried to go out to the brown pole but got scared because I hate deep water. I put my paddle in the water in it nearly went underneath water.

After we got changed and dry, the boys went to make smors with Whae Rawen and us girls were going to meet Mrs Falvale in the hall kitchen. I washed my hands and went back into the kitchen. Gracie put the flower into the siv along with the cocoa. After a while it was ready to put into the oven. I drizzled icing onto the cookies that were baked. Grrrr! My tummy rumbled every time I looked at the delicious cookies.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why Do Babies Need More Sleep Than Adults?

The smaller the baby the more sleep the baby needs. Babies require more sleep than adults.

Babies don't do more than sleep and eat. They are growing more faster than older children. Young children grow not as fast as babies. Older children don’t need more sleep than babies, but need more sleep than adults.

Adults need sleep. They need a period of rest because the worn cells in their bodies are being replaced. As long as they get sleep they are ready for work the next day.

Babies and children need food to make bone and muscle.Also for energy when, they run around at the age of 1 or 2 years old. Adults only need food for energy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Are Hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphics are what ancient Greek used to wright. There are pictures that look like trees, weapons and other objects. They represent a word, syllable or sound.

The marks found on the side of the temples and palaces in Egypt were written thousands of years ago. Temples and palaces are still standing today.

In 1799 scientists discovered a stone covered with hieroglyphics. It was called The Rosetta stone. It was written to commemorate a king and his crowning.A French professor could read the Egyptian writing underneath it and translated it into Greek. The French professor has discovered what had baffled other scientists for years.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japans Disaster

A double disaster has hit the country of Japan. An Earthquake has struck causing people to lose their homes.The people in Japan were all in terror. Another force of nature struck after the earthquake, A Tsunami. It engulfed off the coast of Japan.

The Earthquake was 8.9 magnitude on the Richter scale but surprisingly didn’t do much damage to buildings. Japan is used to earthquakes because they are on the fault line and houses are built to resist earthquakes.The epi-center was in the off the coast of Japan When the plates moved, it created a tsunami.

The tsunami was the disaster that teared Japan apart. The waves measured up to 10 meters destroying everything in its path. Buildings are every where were scattered over the ground like toys.

Nuclear plant explosions are one of the many dangers for the people that live around them. People that live around them, have been evacuated to places that are far away from the plants. Many are staying in malls, and are worried about their friends and family.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mufti Day

Today is Mufti Day and we are fund raising for the Christchurch Earthquake. Mufti is when we wear any clothes we like, then we give in a gold coin to help fund raise for a good cause. At lunchtime we are going into the hall to do something for Christchurch.

I brought $5 for the cause. We are waiting for lunchtime to come and then we are going to the hall. There have been a lot of children in mufti clothes. I cant wait until the disco( if there is one).