Monday, November 25, 2013

EXT Balloon Thrust Investigation

The extension group held an investigation about balloon thrust in term 2. The materials we need was a straw, balloon, tape and string. We first predicted what would happen when we let the balloon deflate. The things we had to look out for was how fast and far the ballon launched. The pictures display our predictions, findings and the changes we had made.

Outlook for Someday Workshop Reflection

The year 7 and 8 extension class, as well as a few others, got the opportunity to spend the whole day learning about movie making with the Outlook for Someday workshop runners Iliayh and Chris. They taught us about what sustainability was and that sustainability doesn’t just cover the environment.

The first activity was to tell us about the different areas of sustainability, environment, economy, and society. It was puzzle that we had to put together. The puzzle was a collage showing us what each of them could look like. It's purpose was to inspire us and to see if we could come up with a movie concept using some of those areas of sustainability.

After that was the planning and filming of our movies. My group consisted of myself, Brooklyn Vivienne and Jasmine. We decided to focus on sustaining the environment and trying to help our native birds alive. Our movie was creative and funny. Brooklyn was our bird and Jasmine, along with Vivienne, were the presenters. I took the job as being the bird feeder.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Iliayh and Chris and the outlook for someday for giving us the opportunity to make these movies with you and learn more about sustainability. We all really appreciated the experience.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In The Jungle

“ Don’t you love the wonderful smells of the forest?” Kalie inhaled, as Wayne pulled out the water bottles and extra food for the long and tiring journey. The dense forest seemed to be calling out Wayne. He got the chills but just kept moving forward. The couple had been adventuring for a year now, going up and down Australia looking for more treacherous destinations.

The overhanging trees and the beautiful flowers made Wayne feel a bit better but still suspicious. Wind was blowing and the sun was brightly shining but he just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was with them. “ I think we should go back to the car. Do we really need to be on this course right now?” Wayne wailed “ No! Its a beautiful day. Is there something wrong?” Something was wrong. Wayne just didn’t know what it was. He couldn’t comprehend what came next.

A shadowing figure came over him and Kalie. “ WHATS GOING ON!!!” Kalie was scared now and regretting her choice of forest. The dark figure started speaking, “ Why are you in my forest?” Wayne trembled in terror. “ We-we’re going on a walk. We are sorry for trespassing.” In a blink, the shadowy figure swept across the forest. BANG!!!!! Kalie fell to the ground, shaking. Wayne sprinted, puffing and panting back to the car only to realise that Kalie had the keys. He panicked and tried running out the gate but the shadow was back.

Wayne spun around and Kalie was there too. She looked like a zombie. The shadow began to speak again, “ That is what happens when someone tries to come into my forest”  Kalie instantly started to move. She was approaching Wayne as if she was trying to eat his brain. “ Im STUCK!!” Wayne yelled, terrified of what he was about to become.


One Direction is one of music’s biggest icons and the worlds biggest boy band. They started out on X Factor in the UK on 2010.  Each of them auditioned individually but were put into a group after they didnt make it separately. They cruised through the competition but were eliminated and came in third place. Simon Cowell signed the band onto his record label Syco Records. Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam are the wonderfully awesome boys in the band. They have swept over the nation, winning over most teenage hearts. It is said that they have formed the new ‘British Invasion’  in America.  They have sold 19 million singles and 10 million albums. ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ was their first single and got over a million hits. SInce then, their career has skyrocketed up and they continue to be the best boy band ever!