Monday, November 25, 2013

Outlook for Someday Workshop Reflection

The year 7 and 8 extension class, as well as a few others, got the opportunity to spend the whole day learning about movie making with the Outlook for Someday workshop runners Iliayh and Chris. They taught us about what sustainability was and that sustainability doesn’t just cover the environment.

The first activity was to tell us about the different areas of sustainability, environment, economy, and society. It was puzzle that we had to put together. The puzzle was a collage showing us what each of them could look like. It's purpose was to inspire us and to see if we could come up with a movie concept using some of those areas of sustainability.

After that was the planning and filming of our movies. My group consisted of myself, Brooklyn Vivienne and Jasmine. We decided to focus on sustaining the environment and trying to help our native birds alive. Our movie was creative and funny. Brooklyn was our bird and Jasmine, along with Vivienne, were the presenters. I took the job as being the bird feeder.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Iliayh and Chris and the outlook for someday for giving us the opportunity to make these movies with you and learn more about sustainability. We all really appreciated the experience.

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  1. Hey Shoal,

    Sustainability is a big issue and covers a huge amount of things that we take for granted in our daily lives, I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your experience and that they helped you tackle this concept.

    Your reflection has made your process fairly clear but don't forget to make sure it reads the way you want it to.

    Did you get to keep a copy of your movie? I'm sure we'd all love to see it :)

    Keep it up, Mr. Hutchings


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