Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Am I?

Our extension class had been given a sticker with a thing or person on it. The thing was that it was on our foreheads and we had to go around asking questions to figure out who you were.  I was a police man as you can see and it took me a while to figure that out.

Police men and women work hard protecting us from dangers. Here are 5 facts about police qualifications.
1. A strategic mind is a good one.

2.There are 5 stages before you can become a police man.

3. You have to be professinal when in training.

4.You have to be loyal and determined.

5. You can't have a criminal record.

Monday, February 27, 2012

My Symbols.

This is my first project for extension 2012. We had to draw symbols that we thought that best described our selfs. I love music and I listen to it all the time. Peace is a sign that I chose because I think that we need peace in the world. The Cook Islands and Niue flags is just to show that I am proud of where I come from. If you go to flickr you can leave me comments telling me if you like it or not. Link is here

Friday, February 17, 2012

Netball Skills

Last week in netball was alright even though I did stub my toe and I wasn't able to play. But this week I jumped right into the game. We were on the court waiting to meet Liz so she could teach us more skills.

The first drill was easy. The attacker had to side step 3 times when Liz called field or room, and then run while the defender acts like a mirror and follows her every step. My partner was Brooklyn and she was the attacker. Brooklyn and I were getting mixed up. The whistle  blew and we had to run back to the yellow line. We did the activity 3 times and moved on.

Our next skill was a defending drill. When the opposite pair threw the ball at your partner, you had to hit it down and catch it. Huelo-Ata and Junior were throwing the ball to us. First try and I hit it down but didn’t catch it and it nearly hit my face! This went on until I finally caught the ball. After a while we changed to the next activity.

We played a little game at the end. You had to try and tag the opposite team. If you do, you get out. My team had the ball first. Everyone was screaming “ Pass it to me!”  I passed it around, people got tug until the ball went out of the court. It was the other teams turn. I ran and ran but the next thing I knew I was tug! OUT! The opposition were fast and got most of my team out. They were good.

After the game we lined up and went back to class. Netball skills was fun and I can’t wait to hear whats in store for us next week.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Treaty of Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi has been around for a long time. It was signed on the 6th of February 1840 by the British government and Maori chiefs in the Bay of Islands. It was made because there was too much conflict between the Maori’s and British settlers. First William Hobson and James Busby made a draft of the treaty.

Last week our class watched a re-enactment of the treaty. The people gathered around in a Marquee and British flags were everywhere. Henry Williams stood by William Hobson translating everything he said into Maori. Most chiefs were angry and didn’t want the British to live on their land. The English treaty said that the Maoris could keep their leadership and the chiefs could keep their land and taonga under the rights of the British subjects.

Hone Heke was the first out of 40 chiefs to sign the treaty. Other chiefs followed and in that year over 500 other Maori had signed the treaty including 13 women.  Some Maori’s didn’t even sign the treaty.

The three P’s fit into the Pt England way in a lot of ways. We Participate in many sport and activities, class and school events and things after school. People protect one another and things they love. With partnership we work together and co-operate with each other.

The Treaty of Waitangi was great moment in the past because it brought peace to British and Pakeha in New Zealand. But it didn’t last long.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Tapu Tree

I have been reading The Tapu Tree writen Sally McMeikan-cash. A boy named Tama and his cousin's are playing with the rugby ball when it lands into the bush. His cousin, Micheal says there is a ghost in the tapu tree near him. Tama asks every one why the Tapu Tree has ghosts but no one really knows. Until he asks his grandpa. He tells him the whole story but Tama doesn't tell anyone else.

My Boring Week End

I was sitting on the couch bored out of my mind! I didn’t think the long week ends were going to be this boring. My aunty and I were in my nana’s house just for the week end. I was trying to think of what to do.

The time went by slowly, but it was soon time for my nana to come home from work. After going on the laptop and finding out that there was  nothing entertaining on it. I was so close to falling to sleep when the T.V boomed in my ear. Rugrats was on. “ Well its better than watching nothing!”

Nana was home and cooking dinner. The baby was in the bath and I was watching Ice Age Dawn of the dinosaur. The kitchen was filled with wonderful smells. UM!!

Sunday. Nana had disappeared and off to work and I was left bored again. “ Why does she have to work on the week end?”  The day was just like Saturday.

On Monday I went home. I got there and they were watching movies on the couch. “ Do we have to watch this movie? Cant we watch another one?” It was a good week end after all and I enjoyed my self. ( Kind of!)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Brooklyns Birthday Sleep-Over.

The holidays were full of excitment. I got to see Brooklyn and Ashleigh, have a sleepover with them and go to the movies! It was a great weekend I had with them. Also we stayed up late every night playing games.

    When I got to Brooklyn’s house, I was super excited to see her. I put my things inside and Brooklyn along with Ashleigh came out of the garage to meet me. We had to wait a little bit for Brooklyn’s papa because he had the van. In the mean time we were talking on the table waiting when her papa pulled into the drive way. “Come on lets go!” In the van we went and to the movies we were going.

When we got there, Sylvia Park was packed full of people but since the movie had started we were in a rush. I walked into the theatre and it was dark. The stairs had lights around it so we could find our way. It was a great view on the screen where we were sitting. We were watching Journey 2: The mysterious island.

After the movie we went back to her house and to our surprise was a tent. Then I found out that it was for us to sleep in. I put my sleeping bag out and we made our beds. After a while we had Brooklyn’s delicious lemon meringue pie and went to watch a movie. We didn’t watch much of it. Soon we jumped into the tent not going to sleep, but to play a game. We ended up playing and talking till 2 am! It was a lot of fun.

The next day bowling was our next trip. We headed down to the Panmure bowling alley. Brooklyn, Ashleigh and I didn’t have the gates that blocked the gutter. Ashleigh was up first. She knocked some down but not all of them. Brooklyn got it in the gutter and I did as well. Bowling is not my favorite game! After getting the bowling ball in the gutter a heap of times, Ashleigh was the winner.

    It was a really fun weekend. Thanks to Brooklyn for having me on her birthday. Maybe we can have another sleepover.