Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DLO Reflection

The purpose of our Digital Learning Object was simple. Rita, Vivienne and I wanted to show people what the tower is because not many people have heard of the Burj Khalifa. Also, I wanted to learn more about the tower and creating this movie was perfect.  Its the tallest building in the world and we thought that the best way to present it was to build a mini version of the tower.

In our plans, we had tried to make it using paper mache but with the given time we had, (1 week) it was impossible. So with a little advice from our lovely office monitors and Mr Burt, we settled on making it with thick paper rolls. The concept was to take still images of us putting the skyscraper together and then a timelapse of us painting it. Rita was responsible for the awesome introduction. It was an original and creative idea

Overall I think we could have done a lot better. We didn't really manage our time properly and that impacted on the time we had to paint. Our footage was accidentally lost amongst everyone elses movies and photos so we had to improvise and just animate the tower being built. I think that next time we can improve if we focus on the right points.

The positive side to our project was that we all got to work together and that we got to experience a new way of thinking. We had to plan the building out almost like a real architecture and measure everything so everything matched. We also had a very interesting way of showing our movie using a time lapse.

So I conclude that this project was very enjoyable. I really think we have achieved our goal that was set. Rita had written a very informative voice over and I'm proud of our finished product. But now that we are finished we all don’t know what to do with our awesome Burj

S,R,V Burj Khalifa Tower from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Term 3 Highlights

This term has flown past pretty fast. I’ve had heaps of highlights throughout this term.
Our netball shared lunch was celebrated with every other netball team. We all gathered in the hall at lunchtime and shared a few songs. Miss Va'afusuaga put on a lovely event and mostly everyone brought something to share. Thanks Miss Va'afusuaga for the wonderful shared lunch.

The production is just a blurry sight on the horizon that is rapidly rising. Our dance group Insanity, is the last act of the night as our dance is based in the late 2010s. Mr Jacobsen is helping put our dances together, setting us up onstage in our positions. Kiss Kiss by T Pain, Turn up the Music by Chris Brown and Freeze also sung by T Pain. Weird isn’t it? Vivienne and Huelo-Ata changed some of the moves that Selena had made. It made our dance a bit easier but it was effective.

Another highlight for me has been working Mr Burt and writing most of the assembly koreros and planning the school wide events like the year 8 social last term. Its been a good opportunity to learn more about how to use keynote and it challenged my leadership skills.

So I can conclude that this term has been a good one. I am really happy that this term has gone so smoothly but I’m also sad because its nearly over.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Crusade of Ants

Our house was a mess! My eyelids felt heavy, as I looked around the room.  All of the blankets were scattered around the sitting room floor. My parents were up and a trail of ants were marching in the kitchen cupboard. Dad quickly took all of the food out and threw it on the table. The ants were picking at the crumbs on the shelves.

The ant trail started at the window and it led to the cupboard of food as well as our bowls and plates cupboard. Dad wiped the ants up and put down a special liquid to kill the ants.
A few weeks later there were no ants about and our house is now clean again.