Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Extension Commonwealth Games.

This project was a fun activity for the year 5 and 6 extension class. Its about the commonwealth games. Mrs Tele'a gave us a sport and told us to research on it. I chose Hockey and decided to research on Clarissa Eshuis, of the Black Sticks. I Hope You Enjoy!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Surf Life Saving.

“Rita, we have to go and change into our swimming togs,” I reminded her that we had Surf Life Saving. We finished putting our togs on, then went to sit on the boogie boards. The two instructors came and talked about the rules. After that we hopped into the pool. Alexandria’s teeth were chattering. The first activity that we did was we had to do was that we had to grab the boogie boards and the boys had to make waves while the girls swim under them. “ Look at how Charlies doing it, he is digging it into the water,” the swimming instructor informed. Waves got bigger and bigger and the pool looked like Piha Beach. We ran in a circle for 1 minute and floated, the water was moving me in a circle. This is called a RIP. We did a few dolphin dives and then we got out of the pool. What a fun lunch time I want to do it again.

Monday, November 15, 2010


I slipped into my life jacket. Eagerly waiting to get into the pool, I
waited for Jay’Lee to adjust my life jacket. Feeling cosy, Chris told us
to get into the water.

Chris is the swimming instructor from Water Safety NZ. Chris is here to teach us swimming techniques.

Slipping into the water, the water wasn't as cold as I expected it
would be, but other girls started to scream because they thought it was
cold. They were acting as if it was as freezing as it might be in
Antarctica. Bobbing around in the help position, we all got into a
huddle. “Now, what I want you to do is relax.” Chris told us in a calm
voice. The national anthem rose in the tent. Voices echoing, Chris
gently rotated us while we were singing out of tune. Thundering noises
is what best described the noise that RM 17 was hearing at that time.

You can have free time for 5 minutes.” Chris said. Next minute
everyone was screaming and squirming around. “ Do you want to play
tiggie?” Ashleigh asked. “ Yep, but your in.” I said back. We played for
a while and then got out of the pool.

What a wonderful tie we had in the pool I cant wait until next Friday.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Bike Ride Through GI

" DAD!! Wake Up, we have to go and pump our bike tyres," I exclaimed to my dad. Khaia and I had been waiting to pump our bike tyres up. We got ready and headed off. Khaia rode her bike dad and I walked. The Shell Petrol station was in sight. Khaia was already sprinting for the pump but I beat her to it. We pumped the tyres up and rode down to the Pt England dairy. "What Ice Cream do you want?" asked my dad. "I'll have a Magnum Gold!" I shouted. Dad bought the things that we needed and we headed home. What a FUN bike ride! I want to do that again.

Halloween Quiz Night

“Bring Bring” the phone rang. I picked it up and it was my nana. She said that we were going to her work for a Halloween Quiz Night. We got there and saw lots of people dressed up in costumes. There was a chicken, Elvis, a witch, 2 vampires and a skeleton. 3 main tables were set up and a kids table at the back. Kids were playing Monopoly. My nana introduced each other to one another. Shian, Hanna and Cezar. I chose the thumb tack and Khaia was the iron. “ How old old are you?” asked Shian. “ 10 and 7.” We played for a little while, had some lollies and coke. “ Do you know how to play Chicken?” asked Shian. “NO” “ You just try to run across the pit without getting hit by the person swinging.” Going out to the carpark, there was lollies at the entrance. I took some and played Chicken then ball tag. We went back into the retirement home to see what the adults were doing. I stuffed my pockets with lollies. It was time to go and the Elvis team won the Quiz.

I had lots of fun [ and lollies] that i can’t wait until the Christmas party.