Monday, February 28, 2011

Going to the pearl store in Tahiti.

" When are we going to the market Jaky?" I asked her. "Soon" she replied. It was another hot day in Tahiti and was the last day to do shopping so my aunties and I decided to go to market. We all got ready and then went down stairs to leave. My Nana was going in the car with my cousin Riyah. I asked if I could go with her instead and my Nana said yes. She told me that we were going to the pearl shop. We drove around intersections and drove past a lot of shops, then finally arrived at a small, but noticeable shop with a big pearl on the door. Walking in the shop felt cold. The sales lady told us to come and take a seat on the stools and search for the pearls that we wanted for the necklace. We dug into the box and found a couple of nice ones. I had $20. The pearl cost $8.00 so I payed for my own pearl. Nana bought the chain and the pendant and then took it to the lady. she drilled the pedant into the pearl and connected it the chain. I sat down and waited then finally it was done. It was time to go and we payed for the necklaces. My Nana said that we are only allowed to wear it on the day that we leave because we might lose it. I patiently waited until the day to come but until then we couldn't do anything about it.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Day at The Motu In Tahiti

“Where are we going today?” I asked my Nana. She said that we were going on a boat to a Motu, the family we are staying with owns a part of it she said. A Motu is a small island off Tubuai, Tahiti.

We drove to the wharf where the two boats, a blue one and a green one both small, were waiting for us.The family started putting the food and things on the boats. When that was finished we hopped onto the boats and they started them up.

Water splashing every where, I looked out of the small green boat and saw the Motu. “ Look Khaia, its the Motu!” Starting to slow down, the driver told us that we had to jump off the side of the boat because it couldn't go to shore. Finally we stopped and I jumped off the side of the boat.I started to worry because I thought it was going o be deep. SPLASH! It was a huge splash, it wasn’t so deep after all. I walked in the water to the site where we were going to spend the day at. I looked around and there was nobody in site accept us.

I dropped the things I was carrying and ran into the water. I splashed and swam but the problem was it was too shallow. I went a little bit out more but then it was too cold so then I went back.

We had lunch, swam a bit more then it was time to go. Walking back to the boat, I saw a crab in the water. The boat started and we were off. I found out that we were going back on the last week that we were there back to the Motu.

We ended up staying for another 3 nights 2 days. The shelter was just two tarpauline pieces, one on the ground and one covering us. Everyday the people that fed us went to work then came back with food. They brought Corned beef and milk with some cereals. we had corned beef soup for dinner then we went to sleep. A motor powered the lights so it went on all night.

In the morning we had Milo and bread for breakfast then went out to go snorkelling. I went to the deep end and saw a lot of little fishes all white. I also saw a little baby Paua. A paua is an oyster but a lot bigger. For lunch we had rice and fish. I went to do some laps in the water but then it was time to get changed.

Dinner we had corned beef soup again. We had the same thing for breakfast and same thing for lunch but for dinner we had chicken cooked on the fire. It was dusk and we just got on the boat to go back home. It was a great 2 days on the motu and I loved it. I love Tahiti and I miss it so much! I hope to return in the future with my family.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake 2011

A horrific 6.3 earthquake hit the wonderful town of Christchurch. Prime Minister John Key declared it New Zealand's Darkest Day. The disaster hit unexpectedly at 1:00 o'clock, Tuesday the 22ND.It has brought chaos and destruction to the city.

Buildings are one of the most deadliest things that kills in Christchurch. The debris and rubble is all over the ground. The debris has got doctors on a line and there are people stuck under the debris that could be dead. The people effected in this have still got their hopes up.

Most of the people that got trapped under the debris from the collapsed build have been in a traumatizing and frightening. A lot of people injured and some even dead. The people that are still stuck under the debris cant make a wrong move or they will risk their life. So they have to wait and listen to what the rescuers tell them to do. When they come out, they are so fragile and weak that they cant walk by them selves.

Please Click to see photo.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Seed.

Lately we have been reading a book called The Seed. There are 2 tribes, the scarabs and the chafers. A cherry seed falls on the border that splits the tribes apart. They fight over the seed and prepare for war. They prepared for years. In the end the seed grew into a cherry tree and they stopped the war and shared the cherries.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New NetBooks

While we were setting up our new net books, we were also eagerly listening to Mrs Burt for information.Pressing the start button and hearing people supporting each other, boosted me as well.Our net books are brand spanking new.

Mr Burt said that we can use our net books at anytime and anyplace.
Our net books help us to get ready for the future. On our net books, we are connected to other people on chat.

I was wondering how we were going to connect to the internet. I felt confused when we had to copy down our serial numbers because the numbers were so tiny. I looked around the room, seeing that the teachers, as well as the children were energized.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Blowholes in Tahiti.

The Blowholes in Tahiti.

It was a hot day in Tahiti and we drove around the island to site-see. One of the stops we were to see were blowholes. There you will see a blowhole when a massive wave comes up and hits the sides of the rocks, a huge spray of salty sea water emerging out of the hole.

While going up the stairs I could see a hole on the side of the road, I was wondering what it was then surprisingly a big spray of water came out of the hole. ”WOW” Said my Uncle Kalo. Leaning over the railing of the rocks, there was another huge blowhole. A humongous wave came up and smashed against the rocks, making a huge splash that reached the road.The blowhole let out a big spray of nice, cold water.

Once the spray had cleared you could see crabs the size of rocks and little fish wriggling and jumping all over the place.“They look like Leaches!” I shouted with amazement. My Aunty Leonie and Uncle Kalo were waiting for another big wave. Looking around the rocks, I saw two crabs fighting, trying to get past one another.

“ Time to leave” says my Papa. I took one last look at the view and walked back to the bus. We drove away from the blowholes and went to the next destination.