Thursday, October 25, 2012

Narrative Writing.

Cafe 20 21 was packed and Mea, Annie and Julian Just managed to get a seat in the busy cafe. They settled down on the last clear table. Meanwhile in the zoo that was across the road, Crocodile Sam got out of his poorly built cage and made his way to the cafe.

Crocodile Sam strolls into the cafe and no one seems to notice. His green scales were clearly visible but still  nobody saw him. Mea and Annie how ever see him as he gets closer to them.

Sam was tempted to eat Mea and Annie as he draws closer and closer to them.  Julian doesn't notice though because he too interested about the book he is reading. Sam notices he is being ignored by him so he wanted to eat Julian instead.

Sam pounces went to pounce onto Julian but gets tackled down by animal control. Crocodile Sam was sent back to the zoo and Julian’s life was saved by animal control.

Mea, Annie and Julian went home after getting a free pass to the zoo from the crocs keeper and went home. “ WOW! What a day!!!” Julian says on the car ride home. “ I know!!” Mea and Julian were laughing at each other for no particular reason,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012