Sunday, July 17, 2011

White Sunday

" Go and have breakfast, then have a shower!" Mum shouted. Today we were going to say our verses at the Atiu hall. Our nana gave Khaia and I verses out of the bible and we had to say it in front of a lot of people. We said our verses because it was White Sunday. Me and Khaia got changed and waited until mum and dad were ready.

We set off onto the road and traveled to the Atiu Hall. The hall is in Mangere. It was a long time until we got there. Once we had, we waited for everyone else to come. I read my book, EJ12 Jump Start and mum took some photos of Cree. Dad fell asleep. While he was sleeping he developed a sore stomach so we went back home.

Back at the hall and it was nearly time to go on and Aunty Jaky and Feura were sitting inside with Riyah. Feura rang mum's phone and told her to come inside and wait until it was our turn. After a while it was show time!

Khaia and I went to the entrance and got into our spots. Aunty Kura said I had to take my grey cardigan off and wear the dress and tights only. The music to go in started to play and the people n front of me were walking to the stage. I settled in my spot and suddenly I heard my name. Oshania was standing at the back of the stage.

Everyone in front said their verse and then it was the people in my lines turn. Numbers 1 to 3
said their verses. It was Khaia's turn. She said hers and everyone clapped for her. My turn. Number five. I grabbed the microphone out of Khaia's hand and stepped to the front. Anxiously I said my verse looking out to the crowd. " Over at last!" I sighed with relief. the other people went and then the older people sang their song. Off the stage and into my mums arm. I gave her a big hug and Jaky gave two lolly lays. YUMMY! She said that her and Aunty Leonie made them.

The other people that were doing verses and then it was time to eat. There was lasagne, crab meat salad, Chinese food, curry and a whole lot more. The man prayed and I dug in. I got crab meat salad, Chinese food, fried chicken and chips, pizza, lasagne and ham. It tasted delicious.
It was desert and I had vanilla ice cream. It was nice! Then we had a walk around. I went to the back of the hall and waited till baby Hyrum was dry because he had spilled juice on himself. We took him home and went to get some grapes. " Great speeches girl, i'm very proud!" Mum said.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

This presentation is about persuading Mr Burt, Mr Jacobsen and Mrs Jarmen to help us redesign our courtyard.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Weekend.

We were supposed to be at the laundromat drying our washing but instead we went to a perfume sale at the ASB showgrounds. It was packed and lots of people were coming out of the sale with bags full of perfume. Mum went inside to have a look at all the different perfumes while I stayed in the car with dad and Khaia. In a catalogue she got in the mail for the sale, there were a lot of perfumes that celebrities designed. Katy Perry, Beyonce and Usher perfumes were a few to name. Twenty minutes later I see Mum walking back to us waiting in the car. She decided to buy my Dad Usher’s cologne as she has to many already. When we drove out of the ASB showgrounds we saw my Aunty Leonie and Jaky and Uncle Kalo driving in.

Next we went to my Nana’s house to meet my Uncle Peter. He was going to take Khaia out for her belated birthday. Uncle Peter rang my Mum’s mobile phone to say that he didn’t have a key to the house. So we ended up going to my Nana’s work and getting a key for the house.

Driving up Kawiti ave, we saw Uncle Peter with Uncle Tom walking up to the house. Khaia jumped out and we handed the key to Uncle Peter and drove to Harvey Norman.

Before we had left the house, Mum had rang up Harvey Norman in Mt Wellington to ask if they had a Samsung Galaxy s2 phone available. The man said yes. We walked through the shop and went to the area where the phones were. Dad saw the phone and bought it strait away. The lady started explaining something about the warranty, me and Cree went to the computers and played on photo booth. Cree had done lots of funny faces.

“ Anybody hungry?” Dad asked as we drove out of Harvey Norman. At Burger King, we meet up with Aunty Leonie and Jaky and Uncle Kalo along with baby Hyrum. inside Burger King had changed. It was no longer the 80’s theme, it was black with the Burger King slogan on the wall. I helped Dad carry the food out to Mum and Cree and got the drinks for us. On one one table was me, Aunty Leonie and Aunty Jaky with Kalo and on the other was Baby Hyrum, Cree, Mum and Dad. Silently we munched on our food until it was all gone.

The warehouse was near so
we went to check it out. We walked around and Mum found these cool tights for me. Dad had went to the gaming area to see how much the PlayStation Three. It was too expensive. I went with aunty Leonie and we found some DVDs that cost 10 each. Jaky got Ice Age for Hyrum. Mum bought the tights and a bag of washing powder.

After we had a rest, we went to the Night Market in Pakuranga. It had lots of customers and a huge variety of food, along with lots of stalls selling things that you can buy at the 2 dollar shop. If you walked on the side where there was toys, you would be alright until you got to the food side. It feels like the walls are closing in on you. The group had split up into different directions.Jaky had seen a stall that sold yummy bubble tea. She got some for her and Leonie.Then we walked around to the main entrance and reconnected with the group. Mum had bought churros for us and some cake slices that looked yummy. Before we left Dad bought hot dogs. One was spicy and one was mild.

Aunty Leonie asked if I could go back to their house with them. So when I got there my cousin Vere walked through the door holding our dinner, Pizza. I didn’t have any as I was to full. We watched T.V and then went to bed.

The next day Vere asked me if I wanted to go to breakfast with her at the Auckland university. I said YES. The hall that we ate in was packed and a lot of people were talking. A full breakfast included Bacon and Eggs with baked beans and toast with sausages. It costs ten dollars. Waffles with cream and maple syrup cost five. Everyone got the full breakfast. Vere and her brother Johnson had waffles as well. The university did the breakfast because they were fundraising for the Request dance Crew to go to a world champion ship.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tail Of The Gecko.

The Kiwi reading group has been experimenting on wordle. We used words from a book called Tail Of The Gecko.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Attacked animation.

This is my animation that is going to be in my podcast on a book called Attacked written by G. Brassi. It will be on the KPE blog soon.