Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bring It On!

My uncle is in a dance group for Onehanga High and he participated in a dance comp. It was Bring it on. Here is a link to youtube so you can watch it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Glee is my favourite TV show in the WORLD! It is about a teenagers life in High School when they join Glee Club. Their names are Rachel, Finn, Mercedes, Artie, Quin, Jessie, Puck, Quirt, Mr Shoester and Coach Sylvester. They get teased and they even get drinks splashed in their faces! It happens because people think they are nerds. Do you know what a Glee Club is? Well it a group where you express your feelings through songs. If you want to watch it, it is on TV 3 at 8:30 or on Wednesday at 7:30 on C4. My favourite song that they have sang is Gives you Hell. Please watch it as it is very funny.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Circus Quirkus!!

Circus Quirkus!"Get changed"said Mum,"We're going to the circus. It's at the ASB stadium in Selwyn College."
We got there and there were a lot of people waiting, it was packed. In the queue I saw Rita and Chante, they were with their families. It was so cold waiting in line for the doors to open.
All of a sudden Harold the Giraffe appeared and he started giving out stickers and taking photos with people. The line started to move. The other two doors started to open and two different lines were formed. A lady at the entrance ripped our tickets.

Mum led us to the stage and told us to sit. Rita walked past and sat at the front. My dad said "Let's go sit at the top seats." "Sure!" Mum said. We made our way up the stairway and sat on the end chairs, the numbers were 16,17,18,19.
A man name Christophe came out and started to blow balloons and give them to people but they POPPED!! It was a very funny joke.

The lights dimmed and a voice started speaking "Hello, Welcome to Circus Quirkus! "Hhhhh hhh"cried my baby sister because she was scared. So my dad had to go to the back to calm my baby sister down.

All the circus people came out but instead of walking on to the stage they did cartwheels, flips and tumbles. "Cool!" I said to my mum with excitement. Music started to play and they did a little piece to show what was going to happen in the show. There were 3 men that were dressed up in African suits. Another man was dressed all in orange. Two ladyies were dressed all in blue. A man came out and started to bounce balls on a metal platform.

The next act was the lady that did gymnastics. It was my least favourite because it was boring. But the next act was very exciting because it was the men in African suits. They were jumping all over the place and flipping. Every body started to clap and cheer "Whhhhhhhoooo." "That was cool!" I said to my Mum, with a smile that spread right across my face.

A man came out and started pulling tiny bouncy balls out of his mouth. "Uwwwwwww" said my baby sister. A giant ring came on stage and the man hopped in it and started rolling across the stage. That was my favourite act. Christophe came out and asked for a volunteer. He picked Rita. She had to balance a balloon on her nose. She was sooo funny. My mum yelled "Go Rita!" she did so well.

After Rita's act was a 15min interval. In that time Khaia and I went down to join Chante and Rita. Interval finished and the men in the African suits came on stage and brought a table with them, along with 10 chairs. Unfortunately I did not watch it because we needed to go to the toilet. We came back and it was end of the show.

That was really cool thoroughly enjoyed that day. Thanks mum and dad for taking us to Circus Quirkus.