Monday, August 16, 2010

Rainbows End!!

"Shoal,wake up we are going to Rainbows End today!" Said my mum. It was 8:00 in the morning and I had just got up. Down stairs my Dad was having breakfast.
I had put bread in the toaster had made a Milo. Up stairs I got changed and excitedly waited for my Aunties to go and pick up Cree. Khaia’s friend Ava was coming too. We had to pick her up at Sylvia Park.
A few minutes later my Mum went into Pak ‘n’ Save to get some things for lunch. Into the boot goes the shopping and we are off. Rainbows End was coming up and it was an exciting feeling because there was a new ride, THE INVADER!!!

My Dad paid for us and our first taste of Rainbows End was the Pirate Ship! It swung back and forth giving me a funny feeling in my stomach. On the swing down could feel my insides going one way and my body going the opposite way down towards the ground. After going on it twice, the thrill of the ride had worn off. Walking out of the entrance to the pirate ship, we saw my Dad and Khaia at the top of the Fear Fall, they were about to come down. I wondered if Khaia was scared of how high up she was. We left and all you could hear was Khaia screaming her head off.

My aunties and I headed off to the Log Flume, we passed the tempting candyfloss shop on the way. Hopping into the log boat I felt wobbly because it kept rocking side to side. The best part of that ride was going into the entrance of the cave which is covered by a small waterfall. I thought we were going to get wet from the waterfall but it suddenly stopped just as we came into the cave. I didn’t manage to stay dry, there was a little bump which made the boat hit the water, hard. And I got wet.

When I heard about the INVADER ride, my first reaction was I wonder if it’s similar to the Fearfall. It turned out that the Invader gives you the same queasy feeling as the Fearfall. It feels like your falling in mid air. My cousin and I thought it was so great that we went on it four

“Lets go on the Roller coaster! It looks like lots of fun!” I exclaimed.
“Come on then, lets see if it is as good it looks.” my Aunty replied.
Pulling down my neck brace, I sat in my seat next to my Aunty Jackie. Her face looked worried. I think she was nervous. The roller coaster felt like you were being pushed and shoved by a huge crowd of people. By the end of the ride my head was not very sore so we went on it seven
more times!

Soon enough, after many more rides it was time to go. We packed up our things and headed off home after a long day of playing and having fun. I can’t wait until next year when we will hopefully go back!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Immersion Assembly.

I walked into the hall for Immersion Assembly, thinking "What is our topic for this term is?" We sat down behind RM 14. The hall was buzzing with chatter."Te Na Kotou Tamariki Ma" shouted Mr Burt. Assembly had just begun. Mr Burt showed us what our topic was. "Mighty Mariners" Shouted the school. He showed us where he had travelled in the holidays. "I went from Auckland to America" then a map came up on the screen with a yellow line showing the destination.
" Give it up for Team 1!" They did an animation of the seven waka's. My favourite was team 3 because they threw out chocolate coins and shot confetti out in the air using guns. What a fun Immersion Assembly, i am waiting for what next term is holding