Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Walking into immersion assembly, there were teachers dressed in ant costumes, bees, a mosquito , a moth and snails. We sat down in our lines and assembly had began.I saw on the screen that our topic was Little Critters. Mr Burt the Nasty Mosquito and Mega Moth (Mr.Jacobson) chased each other around the hall. Nasty Mosquito was longing for Mega Moth’s blood, but he was to fast for him.

Mr Burt had ran out of breathe so he said “ Give it up for team 1!” Mrs George was at the front of the spider line, she was wearing a spider man mask. The music started, ‘’ Incy wincy spider climbed up the water spout...’’ Mrs Wild was squirting water at the spider and then the children. The little kids started to scream. Team 2 made a movie about the life cycle of a caterpillar.

Team 3’s item was NZ Next Top Little Critter. Mrs Barks Had a black t-shirt with red dots on it. Mrs Mackinlay had yellow and black wings with a wand. Mrs Maude had Yellow- brown wings on. Mrs Lavakula had a sparkly wig on and had red and black dots on it. “ There are many types of coloured lady bugs, red with black spots, black with red spots, yellow, orange blue eg.” “ I am the prettiest one of all!” Mrs Barks exclaimed.

My favourite was Team 4’s item. Mr Barks was the queen bee and Ms Squires, Miss Garden, Miss Va’afusuaga and Miss King. Mr Bark sat up on the table and it looked like something up his skirt. Flicking his long, golden hair, Mr Barks sat there talking while Ms Squires feed him honey jelly. “ Oh wait for it...” then out came a baby teddy came popped out. One more came out and then twins. Miss Va’afusuaga and Miss King was dancing and Miss Garden was sweeping.
Little Critters is going to be a creepy but exciting topic this term.