Tuesday, July 31, 2012


He took him down and flipped him into a headlock. The man in the blues was struggling to get out of this position. The man in the red could feel his opponent slipping out of his grip, so he took his strength to a whole other level. The blue man was screaming, holding himself up. He was in pain because of his partner forcing him to tapout.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Target Sighted.

He lifted his arrow up and aimed straight at the target. It was the Olympic games and the archers were getting ready to start. Charlie focused on getting it in the middle of the bullseye. He pulled back and let go. He was victorious! The arrow went flying through the air, penetrating the target.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

London Olympics

This year the Olympics are being held in London. They have hosted the Olympics 3 times. The first in 1908 then in 1948, where a Dutch woman named Fanny Blankers-Koen won 4 gold medals in a single games. Many athletes have competed in the Olympics since the first modern games in Athens, Greece.

Many athletes compete in many activities in the Olympics. For example there is archery, weightlifting, wrestling, taekwondo, track and field, football and so much more. Shot put is one of my favourite sports and I think that Valerie Adams is going to win it for New Zealand because she holds the world record for the throwing the shot put further than her fellow competitors.

London has built a fabulous venue to hold the games at as well as increasing the amount of guards so nothing goes out of hand. The country will use the newly built tracks to hold the games but they are also using some historic buildings in the games.

One of the stars to watch out for in the London Olympics is Usain Bolt. He is a sprinter from Jamaica that started running when he was twelve. He has now gone on to be the fastest man in the world! He won a gold medal in the 100 metre sprints, 200 metres and 4x100 metre relay in the Beijing Olympics, 2008. He has beaten all of the world records for sprints in the Olympic record book. He is an inspiring athlete and I am very happy that he has recovered from his back injury and competing in the sprints.

I can't wait until the Olympics start and I send all of my support out to the New Zealand Olympic team. Go For Gold!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Maths Whizz

I spent an hour and 9 minutes on maths whizz.

Goal setting and fitness goal

Joshua Iosefa's Brown Brother.

An amazing prefect from Mount Roskill Grammar gave an inspiring speech to the world.  I was very inspired by Joshua Iosefa  speech Brown Brother. He was so true in explaining the stereotypes in people. One thing he said that is really motivated me was ' be the first to change.' I am very moved by the words that he has said and I hope I would be able to hear more speeches from him.