Friday, September 28, 2012


I was so happy at the beginning of the year when I heard we were going to technology at  Tamaki College. This is what I think about our time down at  Tamaki  College.

Electronics was the first  thing I went to with my group. It was boring!  I only think this because Mr Malhotra talked a lot.  Sorry Mr Malhotra but its true.  I only  really liked  it when we got  to burn the soldering wire with  the iron and put our LED lights in. It had to be my least favourite tech group. I'm speaking honestly.

The best  tech group I have been in though is Hard Materials. It was a lot of fun. I was excited when we first  walked in and Mr Grundy is awesome! He taught us about the housing joint and I made an amazing vintage car. I really enjoyed Hard Materials! It was and still is my favourite teach group.

Now that electronics and hard materials have finished, my group and I have moved onto food tech. So far it has been really cool! We have made brownies and a dutch apple cake as well as chunky chocolate cookies. YUM!!  Mrs Heka is our wonderful teacher and she is pretty cool. Next  term we continue going to food tech and I am looking forward to seeing Mrs Heka  and  cooking again.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Year 7&8 Rugby Girls Semi Finals

The sun was shining in our eyes as we cheered for the year 7&8 Rugby girls. It was a hot day, perfect for a rugby game. Koru girls Rugby Team came all the way from South Auckland to play against our girls for the semi final.

“ Go Pt England!” The spectators on the side lines were cheering our girls on. A scrum was set up and the girls pushed as hard as they could. The ball went to our team and Mino passed it to her nearest teammate. Jaylee ran up the guts of the opposition getting hit. The Koru girls tried to get her to the ground but it was no use. Jaylee was a mad machine, eventually scoring a try!

You could feel the electricity in the air. The crowd was surprised at how amazing the girls were. Their defence was magnificent! One of the Koru girls had the ball, and ran it up to the try line. But before she got there she was hit by Athena. Amazing!

You could see and hear Koru puffing and panting as they went back to the goal post. Oshania was going to kick the conversion after we had just scored another try. The opposition were watching the ball. Sadly, Oshania had missed. “ Thats OK Oshania! Get the next one!”

The score was all tied up and the end bell rang. There was only one kick to determine the winners. They set up again and Pt England had the kick. Koru caught the ball and kicked it over the post making the score 15-16. Koru had won the tournament!

Monday, September 10, 2012

What If I was a Billionaire?

What If I was a billionaire? I would be as happy as a little kid getting handed a lolly. I’m a generous type so I would like to give some to charity and to my family. Also, I would like to travel the world, buy  my family and I a nicer house (but still in G.I) and get my dad a way better car like a Nissan Navara.

Although money and fame is the life to live, it can tear your family apart. That is the worst thing that could ever happen. I can't ever think of us fighting. That would just be stupid. I love my family and would do anything for them and fighting isn't the answer.

Honestly, I actually wouldn't want to be a billionaire. Its to much to take in and I don't need that life because life at home is perfect. I don't want to become selfish or snobby like most rich people I watch on movies though. No. It would be so isolating and lonely.