Friday, November 30, 2012

Strawberry Farms

The ride to Mangere was long and hot. Even with the wind blowing through the windows into my hair, it was still blazing hot. It was all worth it though as we were going to Mangere to get the BEST strawberry ice cream ever!

Our car drove into the entrance of the farm. It looked like everyone wanted a taste of the ice cream because the lines were huge! We got out of the car and stood in line and waited. The ice cream  looked so delicious as it made my mouth water.

Mum paid at the cashier and we waited for our ice creams. We ordered 1 kiddie cone and 3 waffle cones. I waited in line for our ice creams. The person in front of us ordered a ton of ice cream and it took a long time for the man to dish them out to her.

“ Finally! That lady was taking forever!” I walked up to the counter and told him how many ice creams I wanted. The processor made the frozen delight come out really fast and soon all 4 of them were done.

It tasted nice and it truly was the best strawberry ice cream I had ever tasted! My ice cream was gone in a heartbeat, and I tried to eat some pancakes that Khaia had bought. They were yum!

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