Friday, March 23, 2012


The water was freezing. I wanted to dry off and have a shower but we had just gotten to swimarama. Our last day of camp was filed with swimming fun. I was on my way to go to the deep end when I saw some familiar people. It was the WARRIORS!! It was funny because everyone was following their every move chanting Warrior,Warriors!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camp Concert

The stage was set and the teams were buzzing. The 2012 year 7 and 8 camp concert was about to begin. Everyone was so excited! (everyone but me).

I was standing in front of all the other teams shaking because we had no chance against the other teams. The music played, and my heart was pounding even more. I really did want to jump off the stage and run away but I had no choice but to stand there and dance. I hated it.

The judges were tough and it took a bit of time for them to deliberate. “ In 5th place is... THE RESPECTABLES!” Mr Barks was so enthusiastic about our placing but I wasn't so happy. In 4th place was Team Respect and Respectorz came 3rd. The Respectronics came in second place. The judges thought that Respect Crew had the best item of the night because they came first.

I had a fun time watching what the other teams came up with in a day. It was funny  seeing people making a fool out of them self.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yummy Cupcakes

Mr Barks was picking a few people to do a special activity with Mrs Barks, Mrs George and Miss Walters.  The tables in room twelve had lots of yummy sprinkles and icing on them. My guess was that we were going to make cupcakes and then decorate them.

 It turned out that we were just decorating the cupcakes and they were already pre-made.  Brooklyn, Ashleigh, Rita and I were working with fondant (icing). Mrs George was mixing colours into the fondant so we could have different coloured decorations. The colours were yellow, blue and green.

We had leaf cutters and flower cutters as well as the silver eatable balls. The cutters pierced into the fondant and went onto my cupcake. When I finished up the last cupcake, I showed it to Mrs George and asked her if we got to eat them.

I took my first bite into my delicious cupcake and YUM! I gave my other cupcake to Mrs Lagitupu and some other people. I had an awesome time decorating cupcakes with Mrs George, Miss Walters and Mrs Barks.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Kids Safety Day

It was hot and stuffy outside but that didn’t stop my family and I from going to the Kids Safety Day in Gi. The event was happening at the car park in between the library and the police station. It was to tell kids how to be safe on the road.

As soon as I got there, all I saw a sea of kids and adults. They were either lining up to get a sausage, going to see whats wrong with their bikes or watching the performances on stage. It was so cool! “ Go wait in line over there so you can get your tires pumped up”  Mum instructed.

While I was waiting I looked around and I saw lots of activities that looked like fun. There was a pimp my bike competition where you had to decorate your bike. Who ever had the coolest bike won a prize. A bike riding circle was also put up. Kids road around in their bikes and went over bumps that was set up along the way.

I was almost at the front of the line when Rita came and stood next to me. She was with her mum and brother, James. We started talking and that was when Constable Scott announced that there was going to be a dance competition. Rita shot off to go and dance. The next thing I knew she was up on stage with other kids doing the Dougie. Three different songs played and in all of them you had to do a different dance move. The contestants were judged on crowd reacted.  Rita was missed out and no one could vote for her. “ Better luck next time” I said to my mum.

After I pumped up my tires, I took it for a ride. I saw James ride up and I think he was looking for Rita. Dad came and got me. “Do you want breakfast or what?” Down to the bakery we went and I got a mince and cheese pie. YUMMY!  Everyone gulped down their last piece of pie and it time was time to go home.

Exhausted from all the bike riding, I slouched on the couch and nearly fell asleep. The Kids Safety Day was fun and I now know more about how to be safe when it comes to riding my bike.