Friday, December 13, 2013

Netbook Reflection for 2013

Having my netbook with throughout this whole year has benifited me in lots of ways. Having the opportunity to learn using different sites is a huge advantage. The internet provides heaps of informational sites that are very heapful in every subject of learning. My netbook has helped me improve in  reading, writing and maths.

 I have had my netbook for about 3 years now and there is a lot I have learnt about my device. My proof reading and editing skills have improved in the last year and each day I'm happier with how my writing turns out. Using the spell checks and the online thesaurus and dictionary has expanded my vocabulary.

We use sites such as maths whizz and xtra math. Maths whizz sets you up with different excersises that improve your stragtegic skills. Xtra math is a website that focuses on helping you with your basic equations. Those sites prove helpful to our whole school and they are highly enjoyable. I've learnt new problem solving startegies that have helped me in maths.

Using Googles applications is a huge part of our learning. Google docs provides us with a range of ways to create presentations, slide shows and spreadsheets. Some of us even use our google calender to mark important dates and events.

 Our school is just so awesome and the fact that lots of sponsors are helping us with the Manaiakalani project. Mr and Mrs Burts vision is coming in well and its been a real pleasure seeing the Tamaki cluster grow and adapt to our new learning style.

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